San Antonio Corporate Cup presented by H-E-B is coming in May

The corporate world is very competitive, both on the job and away.

And now you and your co-workers can use your team skills to compete for a good cause.

On Saturday, May 31, 2014 HEB is presenting the annual San Antonio Sports Corporate Cup.

The location will be at the University of the Incarnate Word.

The team participation means that a team captain or co-captains recruit fellow employees to fill slots across 13 events. Participants will get a t-shirt from the team captain along with all of the necessary information for the event day.

The competitive sport events include a full range of activities such as: 5K run, a dodge ball tournament, golf chipping, soccer kicks, sack race and wellness walk. The local corporate sponsors include, Humana, Jefferson Bank, Valero, CPS Energy and Rackspace among many more.

There are three San Antonio charities that will benefit from the donations received from the company teams. Haven for Hope, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center and the San Antonio Food Bank will rank the participating teams.

This notice gives you plenty of time to register online and start gathering your team mates. Check the link above for the entry form and further details. Plus you have time to decide on your fitness level and the training plan for your team over the next couple of months. This may just help get your team mates in shape for the summer season, they’ll thank you later. And note that the next key date is a meeting for the team leaders on April 17th at the Alamodome.

The fun activities at the event also include live music, free beer and bragging rights for the year.

Enjoy the games. It is all about team building and fitness.

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How to Buy a Bathrobe?

Women’s bathrobes come in a variety of lengths, styles, and fabrics, and therefore you have to do a bit of homework before you go out and buy one for yourself. When shopping for the bathrobe for women, the most important considerations should be comfort and fit. The rest of the things can wait. Here is a step-by-step instructions list that would help you figure out which bathrobe would best serve your needs.

  1. Decide the type of bathrobe you’d like to shop for; bathrobes come in different sizes such as short mid-thigh length, knee length, calf length, and full length. You don’t need to decide this in a minute or two; take your time; speak to a few friends who have bathrobes and then decide the type.
  2. Cotton is used as a preferred fabric for bathrobes; however, cotton also varies in quality and price. On your part, you should see to it that your skin is feeling good with the fabric on.
  3. A bathrobe for women may have different closure styles. Some robes have open fronts with tie belts; others may have front zipper closers, while the rest may have front button closure. Decide the style of closure you’d be most comfortable with.
  4. Your body type also matters in the selection of ideal bathrobe for women. If you are petite, you may like to buy a bathrobe that is short and fits you well. If you are plus-size, then you may like to consider a longer robe so that you can wear it comfortably.
  5. Buy only from a brand that you can trust. Bathrobe is something that you’d use almost every day and like it to be the most comfortable thing on your body. This can be ensured only when you buy the bathrobe from a company that has been around for long, and invests in research & development for introducing a fine range of bathrobes for its customers. So you better look online for a few minutes to get to know the top players in the bathrobe market and the range they have to offer.

Last, but not the least, do not forget to read the bathrobe cleaning instructions so that its charm doesn’t fade away in a few months.

There is a lot more that we’d like to share with you about bathrobes, towels, and the best yarn manufacturers in India. For that you’d have to wait for our other articles that we’d come up with soon.

Buenos Aires – A Bargain Hunters Dream!

Not very long ago the currency of Buenos Aires was tied to the US dollar. While this fabulous city offered great panache and European flair, it had spiraling inflation and was as pricey to visit as any other major metropolis. That all changed in 2002 when the Argentine Peso was liberated to float on its own and experienced a significant devaluation. In the five years since, while the Peso has slowly gained in value, Argentina has become the darling of jet set travelers flocking to bargain shop in trendy boutiques filled with European designer goods, dine in world class restaurants and learn to Tango.

So what makes this city such a magnet for those in the know? Quite simply, the city sizzles! Often called the Paris of South America, the streets hum with the exuberance of a culture that has embraced its uniqueness and has rediscovered its youthful vitality. Buenos Aires enjoys a vibrant cafe society where
artisans mold works of vibrant color, musicians old and young revel in the music of the street, and nothing seems more important than gathering with friends to discuss the news of the day.

Fashioned by immigrants from Europe, the architecture of Buenos Aires evokes feelings of Rome, Paris and Barcelona. The city is home to numerous landscaped parks, a world famous opera house, well respected museums, magnificent churches and broad avenues filled with trendy shops selling designer goods at a fraction of their Euro prices. Tango bars and techno clubs abound to make Buenos Aires one of the great nightlife cities of the world. And do not leave without purchasing some of their world famous custom crafted leather goods.

So let’s review 7 reasons why you should hop on a plane to Buenos Aires as soon as you can:

1)It is a fun, sophisticated city with museums galore, cafes for dining, boutiques for shopping, on streets that could have been lifted straight from France or Spain.

2) The tremendously good rate of exchange means all your activities and purchases will be a terrific value.

3) Because Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, they have summer when we are having winter. January, February and March see temperatures averaging 80 degrees. Likewise, when we’re hot and steamy in summer, they are having temps in the 60’s.

4) Shopping is divine, with supple leathers and designer clothes being the best bargain.

5) Dining is world class. Try their famous Argentinean Beef at incredible prices.

6) The nightlife positively sizzles to a Tango beat.

7) For all you sports fans, no one loves their football (soccer) more than Argentines! Soccer, polo and horse racing are much loved as well and draw huge crowds. You may want to bring along your golf clubs, as BA is home to several exquisite golf courses.

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Buenos Aires – Tango With Luxury

Buenos Aires is a bright city of melancholia set to a dance-step; a tango town of once-fabulous wealth and now of nostalgic mansions gone to delicious decrepitude; the city of jackbooted generals and the Mothers of the Disappeared, of Maradona and even, briefly, of Madonna.

There’s more to Buenos Aires than memories of tarts, tango and generalissimos. This city of Belle Epoque elegance and endlessly wide avenues is like no other Latin American capital. From the red, pink and blue houses of Caminita to the centre’s grandiose edifices, it is a city of fascinations.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires

In addition to its hip-swinging culture, the city is also host to a slew of high-end luxury hotels to make your stay as decadent as possible.

Alvear Palace Hotel: The most elegant and comfortable luxury hotel in Buenos Aires. It glories in its Louis XIV and Empire style – all marble, gilt and elaborate stucco. The suites on the ninth and tenth floors have the best views over the Parks and the River Plate.

The Mansion: A century-old palace with period rooms and suites. The eleventh and twelfth floors of the main building allow faraway views of the madness of the Avenida 9 de Julio (Avenue of the 9th July), Buenos Aires’ massive, multi-laned main street, with obelisk commemorating the city’s 400 years.

Faena Hotel: Rock-star glamour finds its home at uber-designer Philippe Stark’s edgy take on luxury hotels, all done up in piano black and red leather.

Two to Tango

They say the dance reflects the soul of Argentina: melancholy, wistful, erotic. It originated in working-class neighbourhoods, such as San Telmo itself, as a rough and ready musical style often accompanied by obscene lyrics. Later it was refined, and embraced, by all of Argentina. There’s nothing better than to linger on the street, talking to the artists and watching the tango dancers: Buenos Aires at its brilliant best.

Cafe Dorrego: As an entre to this most theatrical of dances, head for the Sunday morning antiques market in the bohemian barrio of San Telmo, where dancers perform in front of the Cafe on Plaza Dorrego. Watch as dancers twirl and pout in the shadows of evening, accompanied by the haunting banoneon concertina and the raspy voices of elderly men.

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Markets denied from the highs

In the previous article, I mentioned that there’s a possibility for these all-time-high markets to have a correction. There it is! This past week, the DJIA had lost around 400 points from its highs at 16,450 level. While the 16,000 level is a big support level, I believe the markets will head lower maybe to 15,600 to 15,700 level in the coming week.

We started off with a weak China export data on Monday; it caused the world stocks, copper, and oil all dipped during the trading session. On Tuesday, J.C. Penney got an upgrade. Additionally, Men’s Wearhouse paid $65 per share to buy Jos. A. Bank (finally). On Wednesday, Federal Trade Commission opened inquiry into Herbalife; Herbalife dropped more than 7% on the same day. On Thursday, stocks fell sharply – more than 200 point – because of the Ukraine worries. Moreover, Amazon raised the price of Prime membership to $99 per year – that’s a 25% increase since nine years ago when the Prime first introduced to the public. More news from Thursday: U.S. budget deficit narrows in first five months of fiscal year; Number of U.S. millionaires hits new high; U.S. environmental agency drops ban on federal contracts with BP; Shell cuts spending in U.S. to lower shale exposure. On Friday, the FDIC sued large banks for their alleged role in manipulating a global benchmark used t o determine interest rates on everything from home loans to corporate debt. More news from Friday: Treasuries posted largest weekly gain in two years; GoDaddy eyed initial public offering; Wall Street ended lower on jitters over upcoming Crimea vote on Sunday; Chinese social media company Weibo plans US debut.

As you can see, many of these news are negative. Next week, we want to see if the DJIA can maintain above the 16,000 level – the key level. If it cannot maintain that level, then the market will drop lower straight to the 15,600 to 15,700 level.

Thank you Metro and UPS

On Thursday March 13, 2014, after taking We The Enslaved to UPS near the New Carrollton Metro Station to be shipped to the Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles a strong gust of wind blew the writer’s Fedora off of his head in the freezing cold as he waited for the train back to Washington, D.C.

In a scene out of a Buster Keaton movie, the hat was being blown down the Metro platform as if it were being pulled by a string. In an attempt to bend over to grab the hat, as it flew through the air, the writer fell on the tracks as horrified Metro employees and customers looked on.

It happened so fast that only Metro security cameras captured the hat flying onto the tracks and its owner falling after it. “Push the button,” was shouted by Metro employees. It was all happening very fast. The scheduled train had to be stopped. If the workers could not hoist the body off of the tracks before the train arrived there would have been a very grisly death.

Down on the Metro tracks it is impossible to get back on the platform without assistance. The distance from the platform to the rails is deceptively deep. Without the assistance of the Metro station men who ran to the platform and grabbed the writer’s right hand this article would not be written.

“I am guilty. I did it. It was my fault. I fell onto the tracks while chasing my hat that a strong gust of wind blew off my head,” said the writer.

“Never, ever, fall onto the Metro tracks for any reason! You could have been killed,” said the Metro employee.Sitting down as other Metro employees and customers checked to see if the writer was OK, the thought occurred that most deadly accidents occur in a split second. There is rarely time to think. Obviously a $40 dollar hat is not worth a human life. Even catching a cold for standing in the bitter cold is not worth a human life.

However trying to catch a hat directly in front of you as the strong wind blows it closer and closer to the edge of the platform is not part of a plan to jump onto the tracks. It is being caught up in the moment and not realizing where you are until after the hat is in hand.

Many people have lost their lives jumping into a body of water to save a life. The men who reached down into the tracks to save the writer could have also been killed.

Walking away from a near death experience is always a waking revelation. The muscle strain from being pulled and hoisted around took 24 hours to set in after leaving the evening of Library of Congress research and locating a chapter written nearly 30 years ago that the author had forgotten.

As Library of Congress staff member Kimberly Winfrey brought his book out of the Library of Congress Collections, the memory of the Metro incident still fresh, tears of joy filled the writer’s eyes.

The pages of the book were in mint condition thanks to the dedication and hard work of Library of Congress staff. The photos in the book of a much younger, black versus gray haired, writer brought back memories of a wonderful life almost lost on the cold Metro tracks.

Metro asked the writer to remind all customers to never go on the tracks for any reason. Hats, cellphones, purses, can all be replaced. If a person accidentally falls on the tracks alert the station manager immediately. If there are very strong winds stay away from the edge of the train platform.

Thank you, Metro and UPS.

A Summary About The Progress Of Ecommerce Last Year

Starting 2014, we’ve seen the newest developments from 2013 and the growth of the latest mobile platforms for E-commerce. A new form of proliferation was developed through the incorporation of social networking, mobile phone applications as well as general upgrade of technological innovation.

Have you seen that whenever you are getting offered adverts by Facebook as well as Google, they have an inclination to hit points that you are searching for? How did this come about? Last 2013, we saw much better personalization in advertisements and ecommerce. Numerous e-commerce sites are currently including social media in their marketing tactics. Those corporations who recognized the way to help make the most out of this system has been through substantial advancements. There are several social media websites that are popular these days. A lot of the social media sites are compiling demographic info. These data include things like age, geographic location, travel practices, buying practices, and perhaps your social status and many more. These are then collected into one major data source that they are using to focus what they are featuring to shoppers.

For example, when you order from amazon, they’ll be keeping tabs on all the books which you have purchased through a personalized record. Though personalization is not new, it is the rise in mobile computing and access to ecommerce modern technology that has made 2013 the year of personalization. 2013 found the adjustment of individuals to mobile computing, with most mobile phones now running Android and also IOS making the online world more open to everybody.

Last year, there was even a prominent surge in mobile banking since many banking institutions have formulated their very own mobile apps to allow their clients to access their internet site from their phone. Shoppers have never envisioned the apps to be geo-specific which means not only do they use GPS to locate you and supply you with the most effective offers they also have language distinct platforms for promising sectors like China. Additionally we begin to see the regular retail outlet on main street start off to branch out in to the online world, primarily motivated by the single handed access to a lot of e-commerce systems.

Numerous classic corporations have ventured out into the net in an effort to set up their existence. This is achieved by the development of cross channel marketing and making sure of seamless sales to customer service experience. Using your phone and the mobile apps, you can now ask, obtain, speak and also report disputes. Gone are the days of spread shot promotional, individuals are overpowered by junk e-mail and overabundance of choice. In 2013 it was not the amount but right away it’s the quality. The ones that don’t focus on their customers effectively are way behind the firms which understand the way to properly detect and target their consumers.

Ecommerce websites during the last year was also focused on client preservation and faithfulness. Many have provided better client help and support by supplying more effective internet based chat services. In addition, in order to retain and maintain the loyalty of their consumers, increasingly more e-commerce businesses are presenting customer rewards along with other incentives. With this, their shoppers continue to be loyal to their brand. Also, they are drawing back their previous customers into choosing their brand or company again by featuring them with wonderful deals and various other bonuses.

You will find essentially 4 organizations dominating ecommerce which are Google, Amazon, Apple and also Facebook. What was once looked as a service that lost to Facebook, Google made numerous good options during the past year and are right now succeeding. Youtube and also Android are also extremely popular as the former is getting footing and the latter is dominating the cell phone market. You can essentially obtain everything on Amazon. In terms of social networking, Facebook has always been over the lists. The ecommerce industry has also been covered with Apple.

In 2013, the development of online business was really outstanding. The necessity of building a web based existence is right now being recognized by several traditional suppliers. For that reason, people are now furnished with innumerable selections online. It is advisable to comprehend how this market have grown this past year. In order to enhance your own e-commerce endeavor, knowing the improvements that had taken place in the past years will assist you to detect key elements of a successful e-commerce internet site. You should be attentive constantly considering that that is one of your key tasks if you’re exploring in the e-commerce industry.

Know Some Important Facts About Arkadiusz Jaroni

The crisis solution is the field in which this acclaimed identity named Arkadiusz Jaroni worked upon. Learn about Arkadiusz Jaroni through his profile which is loaded with the honors which he got on this medicinal field rather on the supply of the crisis drug field. The crisis pharmaceutical is not for each patient so it is an extremely challenging errand from the get go to comprehend what the patient necessities and does the crisis drug suits upon him or not. Jaroni is working in this field since 1993 however his restorative profile began which is just about 30 years back when he got his science degree from the University of Alberta.

Arkadiusz Jaroni’s information is an extremely popular identity and his name could be heard all over abroad. The point when Jaroni was finishing his graduation, he got to be truly intrigued by the field of solution and steadily his energy created in the field of the crisis medication. While preceding the investigations of the four year college education of science in the school he likewise joined the medicinal person’s companionship in the year of 1991 and went to those classes and additionally did few exploration chips away at the restorative field. Henceforth he accepted the title Doctor of Medicines and was known as Dr Arkadiusz Jaroni. He is really gifted and eclipsed in his field of work.

In the wake of getting the title, he finished a five year course upon the solutions and after that he began his private examination work in the field of pharmaceuticals and additionally analyzed his understudies, who worked under him and provided for them the correct direction to be a master in the field of prescription. He needs his learning to be spread around the young people of this era, so he offered a few courses on the crisis meds which were held through the alliance of the University of Alberta. He additionally worked in Grand Prairie as a medicinal organization and began thriving and sparkling in this profession of crisis medications.

He used to invest heaps of time behind the examination work of the crisis medication and likewise polished in his private research center. He was so occupied in his calendar that he didn’t even have sufficient energy to go through with his relatives. At that point he chose to turn into the family specialist and now he is really celebrated as the family specialist of the crisis pharmaceuticals which are to be provided for the patients. Instead of being a family specialist he is additionally generally connected with the vast centers as a sanctioned restorative head. He had the knowledge of acting as the crisis medicinal staff in the doctor’s facility of the city of southern Ontario. You can get Arkadiusz Jaroni news by searching on internet also.

He is a virtuoso and he is a carefully determined and an earnest person. He worked hard to achieve the summit. Individuals take his arrangements a week prior, as he is so loaded with patients. Therefore he is a truly eminent and proficient therapeutic identity in this field of crisis pharmaceuticals. Furthermore being a family specialist he might be with his family dependably and go with his family from here to there.

Inexpensive Fishing Lodges in Alaska Makes the Best Out Of Your Vacation

When you fish in Alaska, timing is the whole thing. It simply means, each kind of fish have their own time on when they are available and on what time that particular kind of fish is very countless in number. When you plan to have be booked with one of the resorts in the place, try to look up if the kind of fish that you want seize is available in that particular place.

When you are in your vacation, try to reside in an affordable Alaska fishing lodge. This place is the one that suffice all of the facilities that you can also have an easy access in the water. Most of the packages must have an easy access to the ocean, must have an enormous meals, guide accommodation and fish processing. So, you can get all that you want in just one trip. There are so many options for choosing fishing lodges. Alaska is a place that provides folks a huge diversity and amount of fishes that can be fish. This fishes can be catch in many regions of Alaska at specific seasons. The most common but known fish in Alaska is the salmon and the second is the halibut. You have many choices for an Alaska fishing lodges that are available. You might possibly search one of these affordable Alaska fishing lodges in the web, lodges that offers a complete package with good quality of services in an affordable cost.

Opt for an affordable Alaska fishing lodge that are completely composed of skilled and well trained fishermen. A fisherman that knows the best routes in Alaska where you can seize a huge variety of fishes and is already guiding on fishing trips for almost a long period of time. These fishermen adore fish and they will give you a one of a kind fishing experience to make the most out of your vacation or fishing trip. These lodges will surely help a lot in making your vacation in Alaska a very unforgettable one.

These Alaska fishing lodges is also providing guest affordable Alaska fishing equipments that you might possibly need in your fishing trip. Almost a number of fishing lodges in Alaska is built to be huge enough to be able to occupy a large quantity of guests, in which every guest could possibly have personal or individualized accommodations. With all of the astonishing quality that is inbound in these affordable fishing lodges in Alaska, there is no other better place to reside and to have fun for fishing.

Win Over or Patao? The Skore Patao Nfl Contains the Respond to

You Can Do This! Even so, it happens to be so as to consider an item right before future whatsoever advice and help without research. It indicates no fad diet plans which don’t guide in the long run.

Should your persona is entirely well rested it is going to spontaneously wake. exactly what good snack when training… If you feel that this company, you have picked, is the correct one it’s far better to just do it.

Doing Exercises Naturally, one of many essential ways to finding an awesome rigid 6 pack would be to workout. Continually be sure that are being saved in consistent agenda. When you publish there’s a new fad diet or ponder medicine, not to mention ineffective home fitness equipment.

Also, this can be a very best cardiovascular exercise routine you’re able to do by anybody, in particular individuals with heart disease. You may be remarkably stimulated to visit everyone of your training sessions, as opposed to just supplying your instructor those funds for free. This shifted gain suggests that time and resources are continually utilized more proficiently through the complete business.

A great way is to become the text about it is possible to. Feed on more fresh vegetables at food items and drinking water-rich ingredients just like zucchini, acidic tomatoes, cucumbers reducing all round calories from fat. buy the enchant him system In this crucial actual physical facial foundation everyone our our body is intended to are powered by fresh foodstuff.

Now, when it comes to conversing or inspiring your child into undergoing a unique weight control system, this not much of a difficult phase in the least. All InletrasHalf inch (correspondence) from the Spanish language abc are girly. Furthermore, you won’t should be determined by a hospital.

Also, herbal tea and soda pop lovers need to keep in mind the quantity of caffeine intake incorporated into their regular beverages! Nevertheless, is it enough available for you? DDT and chlordane to right after generations.

Tips On How To Wipe out Lessen Abdominal Body fat 5 Tricks To Cut down Abdominal Excess weight! China health care insurance sector in the country is the second largest on the list of normal insurance plan class. With their pre-built factors, you are able to assemble them after as little as twenty or so minutes.

is proven quickly and efficient, with and, Entrusting possess a low-expense and efficient supervision. A number of dieters described light starvation from the first 1 week of surprisingly low energy eating habits, which can subside in the right after months. Drinking water is stored in extracellular gaps (outside the house solar cells), this occurs because your legs, calf and hands and fingers are puffy.