Trump Administration Threatens Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler, the previous chairman of the FCC, utilized his last public speaking engagement before leaving office to caution organizations and buyers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be extremely constrained if the approaching organization strikes down the 2015 open internet arrangement that he and his team set up. This request situated the FCC’s unhindered internet control that keeps Internet Service Providers from abating or blocking activity on their systems. This gives all activity level with circumstance and speed and counteracts arrange bias.

Wheeler additionally demonstrated sympathy toward the Internet of Things, a territory of financial development that is rapidly getting to be distinctly top of brain to numerous organizations and strategy creators in Washington.

“[T]he development of the web of things is another territory that relies on upon the open network of those things,” Wheeler said. “On the off chance that ISPs can choose subjectively which IoT gadget can be associated, or support their own IoT action over their rivals, the splendid eventual fate of IoT diminishes.” Wheeler proceeded, “As everything goes into the cloud, the capacity to get to the cloud free of guardians is basic. In the event that ISPs get the chance to pick which applications and mists work superior to anything others as far as get to, speed and dormancy, they will control the cloud future,”.
Wheeler’s position may not be an unexpected now but rather given his past as a lobbyist for the link and remote area his support of internet fairness may come as a stun.

Bill Wilson, an expert for BBL, Broadband Landing, stated, “Wheeler might underplay the earnestness of the circumstance. Internet fairness is the greatest arrangement that nobody truly gets it. On the off chance that customers and private companies really acknowledged what the web would look like after it was purchased and sold by substantial partnerships that was be stressed. This would be every one of that was being discussed.”

Wheeler has a similar question numerous organizations do, specifically will Trump disassemble an arrangement that is unmistakably working? With republicans straightforwardly contradicted to internet fairness things do appear to be desperate for the approach.

Wheeler’s discourse not just goes about as a notice to the approaching organization additionally unmistakably endeavors to extend the extent of the internet fairness wrangle all in all. Shopper effect of the open web request is quite often the lead in any talk of internet fairness yet here Wheeler’s concentration was on the threat to organizations and their expanding utilization of distributed computing. Interference or the moderating of these administrations is more damaging than a video playing moderate. Organizations may be required to totally change back office administration frameworks. An organization like could have their client base separated between clients that have an ISP that permits their activity and ISP’s that won’t. Circumstances of this sort could be rehashed crosswise over numerous business administrations. On the off chance that AT&T purchases a firm that gives CMS to deals and advertising bunches, it is not unfathomable that they would demonstrate inclination to this firm over others.

Wheeler particularly gets out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give a few organizations free access by not charging clients for the information they utilize. While this isn’t the dreaded “Fast track” unhindered internet has been attempting to stay away from, it might really be more regrettable.

Wheeler completed his discourse with, “It now tumbles to another arrangement of controllers, to another FCC and to the individuals who advocate before it and the Congress to decide the street that they need to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that street. One way leads forward and alternate leads back to relitigating arrangements that are certifiably working.”

While the byway similarity fits, it’s really more extraordinary than Wheeler makes it appear. One street leads forward and alternate leads back 10 years and afterward off a precipice into a gap loaded with crocs.

Top Ten Wedding Color Combinations

Here Comes The Bride!

You got that long-awaited ring in your Christmas stocking and now you’ve set the date! Excited? Of course you are! Thrilled? That goes without saying. Overwhelmed? You bet and that’s understandable. With so many, many decisions to be made, wedding planning can be completely overwhelming, not to mention frequently frustrating. However, choosing your wedding colors can be the easiest part and after that, it’s pretty much all downhill. Well…except for maybe the family dramas that tend to crop up along the way and you having a Bride-zilla moment or two! But hey, other than that, smooth sailing! Just take a deep breath, and let the planning begin as we look at the Top 10 Wedding Color Combos For 2013!
Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In …Red?
And The Color Of The Year Is…

(1) It looks like the kind folks from the Pantone Color Institute are responsible for this one….Tangerine Tango & Pink. Pantone declares tangerine tango as a “bright and encouraging color” and as such, is a perfect combo for your spring or summer wedding. However, tangerine alone can certainly be a bit overwhelming used on its own, so it could use a little sumpin-sumpin’ to calm it down a little. Enter hot pink. Now I know you’re saying hot pink…how can that be calming? There’s something about pink that despite the shade adds a softness to whatever it touches. Can’t you just picture your bridesmaid’s bouquets in all roses of tangerine and pink with maybe a little yellow thrown in for fun?
Arts Craft 4 Lines Diamond Ribbon, 3mm, Silver
Arts Craft 4 Lines Diamond Ribbon, 3mm, Silver
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Your Wedding Décor Is In The Pink

(2) Blush Pink & Pewter Gray. Now I’ll admit to being a pink fan from way back, but this pink is not the pink you would be pairing with the Tangerine Tango hotness mentioned above. This is the softest of pinks, think the faint blush of a baby’s cheek. Paired with grey, which is on a high it hasn’t seen in years, it’s a gorgeous and elegant color combination. Throw in a little bling with some diamond mesh wrapped votives or mercury glass vases and you have a stunning look that will create an audible intake of breath when guests first lay eyes on your reception venue, I promise! Grey IS the new black!
Pretty In Pink…And Gray
Vintage Wedding With Your Grandmother’s Blue Willow China

(3) Blue Willow & White. At a loss for what else to call this color and very hesitant to tag it with a handle like Royal Blue which sounds like it belongs in a nautical themed wedding, I’ll call it Blue Willow like the famous china of the same name. Of course, Pantone would call it Sodalite Blue, another on their list of hot colors for 2012, but hey, what do they know, right? You’d think they were color experts or something! The great part about this shade of blue is that it’s flattering to just about everyone, so your bridesmaids will love you for it! Ditto your groomsmen, since men are famous for their love of blue. Not to mention with the emphasis on vintage still in full swing, despite Huffington Post’s misguided assertion that vintage is dead, you can use readily available pieces of blue & white china for centerpieces and décor. Throw in a little red if it’s a military wedding or sunny yellow which looks fabulous with blue & white and you have an amazing color palette.
Wedding Cake For A Blue & White Wedding
The NonColor Color…White

(4) White On White – The beauty of white for a wedding is absolutely unparalleled. When you think of white, most people think of a stark color, but white can be so much more. How about cream, ivory, buff, eggshell, vanilla, magnolia, ecru, beige…the list of beautiful whites goes on and on, including an off-white called Starfish tagged as a hot color for 2012 by Pantone. Mixing different shades of white in your wedding décor can look incredible together if you’re careful about the undertones of the whites you are using. Some whites have a bluish undertone, giving them a cool look, others have a brown undertone which tends to warm them up a bit. The fun part about using white on white is you can play with texture to really make the differences in the whites stand out. An example would be using a stark white tablecloth for your reception tables with a beautiful khaki (also a form of white!) damask runner and a cluster of milk glasses vases as the centerpiece filled with peonies, roses, and dahlias all in different shades of white and cream. Even versatile burlap which comes in ivory and natural can add interesting texture to your tables and centerpieces.

Using a Folding Bicycle in Europe- Finding Your Bike Adventure

Riding a Folding Bike in Europe

Last year, I was in Europe for five weeks. I mastered the bus and public transportation system, but there were times when I simply did not want to be with a bunch of other people.

Add to that the wonderful foods that Europe is famous for, and I realized that I had better do something in order to keep my waistline in check. In Europe, bike riders are far more prevalent than here in the United States.

Having already rented an apartment (also called a flat) I decided that I would get a bicycle to see parts of the city that I had not seen, and to get in some much needed physical activity. What was left was to determine the type of bike that I would get.

Apartments are very small in Europe, so I knew that a full sized bike would not work for me. It would be too cumbersome to get up and down the stairs, take up too much room under the stairs, or, if I had to, lugging it up from the basement would be a nightmare negotiating it around the washer and dryer that was down there. It was then that I started looking at the folding bikes that I saw so many people with.

The top of the line models can set you back several hundred dollars, even into the thousands, depending on just how fancy you want your bike to be. All I needed was a bike that was easy to fold and unfold, that was easy to pedal, and, most importantly of all to me, easy to navigate up and down the stairs if I needed to cart it up and down every day.

Save the Box if Your Bike Came in One

You may be thinking that you will leave the bike when you leave the country. I thought the same thing. By the time that I left Europe, I had fallen in love with my bike, which I named Flower. The thought of leaving her in Europe made me really sad. Shipping our bikes home was one of the best decisions that we made. Yes, it was a little expensive, but we could not have found a bike in the United States for the price we paid that was as well built as the ones we bought.

Even if you are not certain, save the bike boxes. We asked the store we purchased them from to save the boxes for us, and we explained that we would be back the following day. They did not understand, thinking that we wanted them to dispose of the boxes for us.

Lesson learned, so when you buy the bike, take the boxes with you then.

What to look for in your European Bike

If you are buying your bike new, search through all of the ads in the paper. Look at sales online in the country that you will be traveling to before you go to get an idea of the market prices.

Certain countries even have a strong online presence on sites such as Craigslist. Look and see what pricing looks like. In looking around, I discovered a great sale at a place in Brussels called iTraffic. They had a sale on folding bikes for 99.00 Euros. (At the time, about $180.00 USD) The bike was the cheapest that I had seen for what I wanted, so we went and got two of them.
Thankfully, the person I went with is mechanically inclined. He assembled everything right there. Which brings me to an important point. If you are not mechanically inclined, either make sure that the place you are buying from will piece it together for you, or only buy a bike that is assembled.

Some of the things to check on your bike before you leave are the brakes, the height, and the handlebars. This can only be done by riding the bike, so take it for a spin in the parking lot, or similar. At the store we got ours from, they were amused to see both of us circle on the bike, make an adjustment, circle again and repeat. However, this ensured that we had safe bikes that fit each of us.

Get Safety Gear, a Lock and a Basket

Just like in the United States, you want to protect your body in the event that you hit something, or something hits you. Get a helmet. I don’t care if you think it makes you look silly. I would rather look silly than be brain damaged or killed from a preventable brain injury.

Make sure that the helmet fits you. If the shop won’t let you try on the helmet, find a shop that will. I choose to use riding gloves some of the time, but not all of the time. In the fall, I want full finger gloves, in the summer, fingerless. No matter which style you choose, make sure that the palm of the hand is at least lightly padded. If you tip over on your bike, you want to have something to protect the skin on the palm of your hands. Road rash is awful. Pulling tiny bits of foreign matter from your hands is no picnic, either.

When you are choosing a lock, don’t get the chain locks. They are easily defeated with large bolt cutters. Get the lock that is a solid piece of metal and looks like the letter U. It is a pain to remove by a thief. It was no joy for me to lock it and unlock it, but my bike did not get stolen.

You don’t think that you need a basket. You do. Even guys. Why? Biking around, you may see a little market. They may have something that you need. Are you going to pass up the deal? How about if you decide to come back and get it? Or what about if you decide to take the item, the bike, and yourself on public transportation? Oh, what a nightmare. Easily remedied with a basket. Plus, it gives you a place to store the clunky lock.

How to Connect to Internet with Your BlackBerry without Paying For Data Plan

If you have a Blackberry phone you have asked this question at least once (maybe thousand times). The BlackBerry phone comes with many fancy add-ons, they have an eye-candy look but there is one problem with them. You have to purchase a data plan for internet access. (As far as GSM services tell) This sounded little weird for me because I could access internet even with my old nokia. The trick is GSM services push you to buy a data plan and BlackBerry also doesn’t give information for internet access without data plan, but the phone is capable of accessing internet without a data plan.

I own a BlackBerry Pearl (so the details will be told for Pearl but I guess it applies to most of the models) and I am using internet with my Pearl without paying for data plan. To do this you have to make some settings with your phone. First of all you have to set up your tcp settings. In your BlackBerry menu go to => Options – Advanced Options – TCP and enter your APN information for your GSM Service. You can find TCP APN settings in the list below.

When you finish the settings you need a browser to surf the net. The best one is Opera Mini Browser. You download the Opera Browser to your BlackBerry and in the Opera Browser menu you go through automatic network setup. Once the Opera Browser finds out your settings you are ready to surf the net from you BlackBerry for free. (Excluding standart connection charges from your GSM service provider)

How business communication trends can advance an office environment

Although each business office environment lives by different business operations and policies, what does make each office environment similar is the performance that takes place within it. In essence, business communication by all staff members is a necessary need for smooth performance of tasks and projects during daily business operations. Business communication trends will also allow the entire office environment to communicate clearly and openly.

  • What is business communication?

Business communication must have one focus for all persons involved. Teamwork is helpful business operations way of participation for everyone to discuss ideas and reach the end achievement for all participating parties.

  • How is business communication best used?

Business communication can be used during business operations in the office environment and outside of the office environment. Because of the digital age, there are many ways to keep up to date such as the cell phone, Blackberry, or tablet. A variety beyond what has been mentioned can help staff communicate with one another.

  • What are business communication examples?

There are various types of business communications taking place within the office and each has a different value. For example, there could be equal or lesser value between computer email and a post-it note with red pen writing. Another business communication that can be helpful is when discussing matters in person rather than over the phone.

  • What is a business communication trend?

There is a large variety of business communication trends taking place for 2013 according to Avaya. Some of the top changes that are taking place within business for communication trends are things such as taking advantage of video conferences, real-time analysis, and computers using the cloud.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes With Dish Network

Are you bored of your daily routine? Do you feel the urge to do something new now? Well, then you better get started with some new things right away. Starting a new thing does not only relieve you from the boredom but also challenge your brain which eventually helps it stay younger. But if you are looking for an activity that not only boosts your mind but also helps you keep your body fit and toned then dancing probably is the best way out. No you do not have to go out to learn some dancing skills from a reputed dance school. You can simply try to learn the dance steps shown on different dance reality shows shown on DISH Network.

Learning some cool dance steps from these dance reality show is a great idea. You are sure to have a great time enjoying your favorite dance reality show and at the same time will learn a few dance moves by yourself. As these shows are often choreographed by the ace dance professionals, you can actually pick up some cool dance moves with the dance reality shows on DISH Network. If you can learn those dance moves perfectly, you can become the center of attraction at any dance floor. Apart from that dancing can make you feel fantastic and stay fit as well. You may also feel a fresh lease of confidence while learning dance from the reality TV shows.

At present there are a number of dance reality shows airing on different satellite TV channel. Starting from the month of March, popular ABC dance reality series ‘Dancing with the Stars’ have wowed the viewers. It is amazing to see your favorite celebs sweat it out at the dance floor and learn all the basics of ballroom dancing. You too can learn a lot from those dances and try out different dancing styles like salsa and tango. If you can convince your partner in dancing that is better still – it takes two to tango, right? Picking up dancing steps together can actually help you rave up your love life as well. What more can one ask for?

No doubt, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is the biggest dance reality show on satellite TV. However, that was not the only one. There are a number of other reality shows that are based on dancing or put much emphasis on dancing. Some of the reality shows also club dancing with weight loss. Losing pounds while dancing to the groove! Now that is the best of both worlds!

But it is not only reality shows that can inspire you in dancing. There are some other satellite TV shows as well. On different satellite TV channels you can get some programs that are based on dancing or where you can get training for dancing. These shows can be of great help to you. Watching these shows you can practice your dance moves and get your perfect dancing style you can proudly demonstrate in the parties.

The 5 Best Tango Albums Of All Time

One of the first steps to exploring tango is getting immersed in the music. It may seem a little daunting at first; some say there are as many as a 10 different styles of this classic music. Some tango music is considered armchair tango while some golden-era pieces are frequently heard at milongas and still others are new and experimental combining elements of golden-era and new electronica.

Below is a list of some of the best examples from the different tango genres, a list that makes for a great introduction to this beautiful art.

1. Tango: Zero Hour
Astor Piazzolla was considered a rebel in his time, because he created his own genre of tango music, tango Nuevo. This style of music is considered dark and dramatic, and of the armchair variety. This is one of his most highly rated albums.

2. The Best of Carlos Gardel
Carlos Gardel is considered one of the greatest singers in the history of the genre, and his fame in Argentina is often compared to Elvis. His style is tango-cancion (sung tango) and it is considered armchair tango. This album has most of his greatest songs.

3. La Revancha del Tango
The Gotan Project is a modern tango band from France, though many purists will not consider it Tango. The group has resurrected many pieces from the golden age and added electronica beats, thereby capturing quite the following.

4. Soul of the Tango: The Music of Astor Piazzolla
The Soul of Tango is an insanely popular cover album of Astor Piazzolla, by Yo Yo Ma, a gifted cello player. Fans of Piazzolla have overwhelmingly embraced this album, as shown by the plethora of five star reviews on Amazon.

5. Instrumental Vol. 1 (Solo Tango)
Only available through import, this album is from the golden age. It is the ideal album for dancing. This album comes from a time when tango was played in orchestras, and this one is considered one of the must-haves for beginners.

Rome: Gran Ballo Di Ferragosto, 15 August 2009

Some of the most beautiful squares in Rome, in particular, will host an event that was first held in 2002 and that has already become an unmissable event of summer in Rome: the Gran Ballo di Ferragosto. If you think that in August the city gets empty and boring, travel to Rome at Ferragosto and you will change your mind: thousands of visitors, both tourists and Roman citizens who have not left, will colour the city dancing and having fun. The Gran Ballo di Ferragosto, indeed, is an event that involves the whole city, from the centre to the suburbs, bringing music and cheerfulness all over Rome: some stages are set up in various squares all around the eternal city to host the performances of professional dancers that always amaze and involve the audience. It is difficult to be indifferent to the music that spreads in the city, and people always begin to dance while attending these performances. The success of the event is also given by the variety of music genres that are played in the squares, which give everybody the possibility to dance and listen to their favourite music. Those who have a passion for couple dancing, tango, smooth dance etc., will choose the squares where these genres will be played, while those who would like to dance in a unique open-air discotheque will choose those locations where dance, disco and 70s music will play a main role. Or maybe are you a hip hop or Latin – American music addicted? No problem, you will certainly find the ideal square for you!

A unique chance to release your energy dancing in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, in locations that will certainly add a magic feature to the event. Events are all free (what are you waiting for? Book a cheap hotel in Rome and travel to the eternal city!), apart from the traditional concert held in Marcello Theatre, with Hiroshi Takasu at the piano and the music by Thalberg, Liszt and Fumagalli.

If this summer you are planning to stay in a youth hostel in Rome, the Gran Ballo di Ferragosto is the best way to take part in an ancient and typical Italian celebration, which was officially established in 18 B.C. by Emperor Octavius, after his investiture as Augustus (hence the term “Ferragosto”, i.e. “Feriae Augusti”, holidays of the Emperor Augustus). Nowadays Ferragosto also corresponds to a Catholic feast, the Holy Day of Obligation to commemorate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but its origin is pagan, and dates back even before the official establishment of the feast by Augustus. August has always been the month of rest and celebrations, and the Gran Ballo di Ferragosto is the logic and interesting evolution of ancient celebrations.

Business communication is so much more than words

Effective communication is an absolute requirement for successfully starting a business, but it doesn’t come naturally to many entrepreneurs. Communication is considered a social skill, and inventors and engineers, for example, are not known to be social butterflies.

Founders have to communicate their ideas and products to investors, business partners, and the rest of the team. Then, hopefully, come customers, distribution channels, and going public or merging with an attractive buy-out candidate. Communication is not just talking, but also writing, body language, and “actions speak louder than words.”

John Spence, in his book “Awesomely Simple” says that the single biggest problem he has to deal with in client companies worldwide is the lack of open, honest, robust, and courageous communication. He narrows down the problem to the following aspects of communication, and I agree:

  1. Honesty. This element is without question the most important in building strong communication in a startup. The implementation is simple – just tell the truth all the time, every time. It’s a lot easier than trying to remember what you said the last time, and people notice quickly. Build a culture of truth, and others will follow your lead.
  2. Empathy. It is one thing to be honest; it is another thing to be brutally honest. Tell the truth in a frank and direct, yet respectful and empathetic, way. Shoot straight with people, but don’t shoot them between the eyes. Body language and sincerity are important here.
  3. Courage. You need the courage to put even the most difficult and challenging subjects on the table and lead the discussion. Don’t wait until tomorrow, hoping the problem will go away. Courageous means that team members have the nerve and confidence to question authority, rather than dutifully fall in line behind a bad direction.
  4. Safety. If you want people to tell the truth, you have to make it safe for them. Here is where your actions speak louder than your words, and louder than any written policies. If you obliterate someone for telling you the truth, you will never hear the truth again. If you are caught in a lie once, you will never be believed again.
  5. Intellectual rigor. Although people should be safe, ideas should not be. In an intellectually rigorous culture, theories are tested, and people welcome, even encourage, critical examination of ideas and information, regardless of the source. The goal is for only the strongest ideas to survive.
  6. Transparency. The hallmark of great leaders and organizations is that they share as much information with all of their stakeholders as often as they possibly can, in multiple contexts. Yet many leaders will tell me that they are continually amazed to hear the common complaint “why didn’t anybody tell me this was happening”.

Spence says that the best way to improve your organizational communication levels is to improve your own interpersonal communication skills. Luckily, these are skills that can be taught and learned. It takes practice and hard work, but with time, it is possible to greatly improve.

The key skills for superior interpersonal communications are effective use of body language, focused listening, expert questioning, using multiple sensory modes, providing both logical and emotional arguments, and listening for ambiguous or emotionally loaded words. But these are subjects for another day.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who struggles with every email you write, take heed of the importance of the basic principles above, and take inspiration from the fact that you can and will improve your skills, if you are willing to work at it. But make no mistake about it, being an entrepreneur who does not communicate is not an option. Start today, and do it every day.

Free skincare gift with purchase of any Tria skincare device

Receive a free skincare gift with any age-defying laser, hair removal laser, clear skin devices or any devices from Tria when you follow this link and use the coupon code AFFSKINCARE until 5/20/2014.

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Learn more about all the different products and receive your free gift when shopping on the Tria Site.

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