How Can a Kid Make Money When Many Adults Are Unemployed?

The unemployment problem in this country is a harbinger for our next president to give serious consideration to. There are many people who at one time have had a well-paying job, and held a respectful place in their community. Today those people are driving cabs or working at a fast food joint just to help pay the bills. Sometimes people take it for granted that kids need to make money too. When kids have money, they spend it and help our economy. Kids need to make money, but how can a kid make money when many adults are unemployed? Has the job market retracted for kids the same way it has for adults? When the powers that be talk about creating jobs, kids don’t get mentioned, but how can a kid make money?

Many kids are ambitious, motivated, and have lots of energy. Kids are fun to work with and many want to learn and have responsibility. How can a kid make money though if the jobs are not available? Another trait that kids have is that they are resilient, and they are not afraid to do the jobs that some adults may be reluctant to do. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s workforce, and when kids work it helps build character, confidence, and independence. Since there is a minimum age to be able to start working on the books, the question again rings loud “How can a kid make money?

It would certainly seem that kids are entrepreneurial by nature. Whenever we see a lemonade stand, we intuitively know that there is a young person behind this money making venture. Kids don’t need to make top dollar to pay the bills, so they are open to opportunities that adults will shun. Kids will help clean the house, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and clean the garage. So when we ask the question “How can a kid make money?” we don’t have to look far for answers. A kid can deliver newspapers, run errands, wash cars, and walk the dog. Some adults may even feel a little envious realizing how many opportunities that there are for kids.

Kids are usually not shy about offering their services to someone. Once a kid is old enough, they want to babysit, especially girls. The boys may offer to do some painting. While the jobs or opportunities are not always readily apparent, the kids with the desire, fortitude, and insight will find their rainbow that will hold their pot of gold. How can a kid make money? It is a good question to ask kids and see their imagination go to work. They may surprise you and come up with something you may not have thought of. How many times do you wish you could find someone to pull weeds, or wash the car? Girl Scout cookies have not become one of the biggest selling cookies in the world for nothing. With a ready, willing, and ready workforce in place, our country is headed in the right direction.

The Stigma of Being a Foster Kid

“Please Don’t Call Me a Foster Kid”

Just recently I was watching TV with my foster grandson when the mattress company commercial came on the screen…the one that asks people to donate money so that children in foster care might have warm clothing for the cold weather. I asked Tony if the commercial embarrassed him at all. He admitted that the company probably meant well but “it sort of gives the impression that we are all poor kids and need to be pitied.” His comment reminded me of the stigma our foster children are made to bear in our society.

I am proud to be a foster parent but I find myself sort of dancing around the word when I refer to Tony as my foster kid.. He much prefers that I simply call him my grandson rather than his foster grandson. I’m good with that. I understand that teenage kids in the foster system don’t need to have their legal status branded on their chests. Just being a teenager is tough enough without attracting notice by having an additional label added to your name.

Foster kids already know they are different from their classmates. They are aware that their school trip permission slips and Medicaid authorization slips are signed by “guardian” not a parent. They are conscious that their teachers and school administrators “know” they are foster kids and that in some cases they are watched more closely than other students. Wanting more than anything to merge in seamlessly as just another normal kid, their legal status makes them stand out in a crowd.

It’s hardly a secret that many foster kids, even those whose foster parents would allow it, do not feel comfortable inviting their friends over for a sleep-over. This is especially true for kids who live in group homes but it is also true of kids in family homes. As Tony would say, “It’s just too awkward.”

Ironically, this “awkward” situation is made worse by the media, which throws a spotlight on the failure of our foster care system to produce successful outcomes for kids transitioning out of foster care. When the public sees headlines like “70% of incarcerated adults spent at lease some time in the foster care system,” it doesn’t give them much incentive to welcome foster kids in our communities or make it easier for foster kids to own up to their status.

No one seems to “get” that kids entering the foster system were admitted because they were deeply troubled kids already. By definition, they came to the system because they were abused and neglected by their birth parents. Of course they have attachment and abandonment issues. Of course they act out. Those early childhood years were traumatic. Granted that the foster care system needs improvement, it’s more than a little simplistic to blame everything on those trying their best to salvage kids when the kids have been deeply harmed before they were even placed in their first foster home.

I would like to see a dramatic change in the way we look at foster kids. Sure the system can improve. We need to invest in these children by providing better training for foster parents and by giving foster parents adequate resources to do their job right. We need to assure a more stable system so that kids are not bounced from one foster home to another. We need to make more of an effort to keep siblings together in care.

But, just as important is a change in attitude on the part of all those people who take care of children. From teachers to coaches to administrators, we have to begin to realize that the negative “tude” we have towards foster kids is part of the reason so many give up on life and waste their lives in prisons. When a kid says, “Don’t call me a foster kid,” he is already buying into the expectations that he will fail. That’s a tragedy for all of us.

I told Tony that I ‘ll go along with his request not to referred to as a foster kid as long as he understood that there is nothing bad about being a foster kid, that he had done nothing wrong and that foster kids are perfectly capable of succeeding in life. “Is it a deal?” I asked him. “Yea, grandpa. That’s cool,” he smiled and gave me a high five.

5 Healthy Eating Habits to Teach Your Kids

Once kids develop comfortable routines, it is very difficult to change their minds. The same goes with their eating habits. For this reason, you need to keep unhealthy foods out of the house, and instead teach them about healthy eating habits. Below are 5 healthy eating habits you can teach your kids.

1. Encourage your kids to make smart eating choices in school

Half the time, your kids will be in class, and chances are, you do not know what they are eating while in school. The best way to make sure your kids develop healthy eating habits, is to pack their school bags with healthy homemade meals and snacks. Alternatively, you can go over the school lunch menu with your kids. Schools generally print out their monthly lunch menu. Sit with your kids, and challenge them to identify the healthiest options on the school’s lunch menu. When you do this regularly, your kids will naturally develop healthy eating habits.

2. Do not outcast junk food outright

Once kids get their first taste of junk food, they will always want more. If you want your kids to develop healthy eating habits, you will have to teach them to gradually let go of junk food. However, do not ban your kids from eating junk food. If you ban children from doing something, they will do exactly what they were banned from doing. Instead, limit their access to these junk foods. For example, feed them sweet treats only once a week, rather than everyday; that way, your kids’ desire for junk food will decrease over time.

3. Teach your kids about calories in drinks

Although kids may be aware of the amount of calories contained in unhealthy foods, they may not know that certain drinks are packed with empty calories that promote weight gain. For example, certain ice cream shakes sold by fast food restaurants, contain up to 900 calories (nearly half of the daily calorie intake suggested for most 9 to 13 year-old children).

To help your kids naturally avoid unhealthy beverages, have them drink enough water and plain milk. The more water and plain milk they drink, the less they will be attracted to sugary beverages. If you have to give your kids some juice, make sure that the juice is organic, and is 100% fruit-based. In addition, mix the juice with water.

4. Set a good example to your children

Your healthy eating habits will directly determine your kids’ eating habits. Eat healthy snacks with your kids as much as possible. Tell them about the benefits of eating vegetables. Encourage them to choose water instead of soda.

5. Keep a strict eating schedule

When you and your kids keep a regular eating schedule that seldom changes, it will prevent your kids from snacking on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Moreover, when kids have a strict eating schedule, they are rarely hungry between meals. When your kids skip a meal, do not allow them to eat candy or chocolate at the place of that meal. Instead, give them a healthy snack, such as an apple or a banana.


The sooner you teach your kids about healthy eating habits, the easier it will be for them to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Rather than hiding unhealthy foods from your kids, teach them why these foods are not appropriate.

PlayStation Network Review – Blacklight: Tango Down

Blacklight: Tango Down is an ambitious first person shooter from developer Zombie Studios. With a futuristic theme and more weapon and player customizations than you can shake a stick at, Blacklight: Tango Down offers an expansive multiplayer suite at an extremely low price point. While the competitive multiplayer is a blast, some technical issues do work to hinder the experience.

Story is not at the forefront of Blacklight: Tango Down. A single player “Black Ops” mode is available, but there is no narrative to follow. The “Black Ops” mode is reminiscent of the co-operative mode available in games such as Resistance 2. On the PlayStation 3, I was unable to get the “Black Ops” mode multiplayer to function successfully, and it appeared that only friends could be invited to a game. I attempted to play through a few of the “Black Ops” missions solo, but each death reset the mission and without help that makes it terribly difficult. It’s clear that these missions are designed exclusively for multiplayer. The missions do include interesting mini-games involving hacking gates and disabling devices, which is an interesting change of pace.

Where Blacklight: Tango Down really shines is in its competitive multiplayer modes. These include standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, domination, detonation, retrieval, and last man standing. Most of these modes are self explanatory, but for those that aren’t, domination involves teams gaining and holding control of various points on the map, detonation involves planting a bomb in the opposing teams base, and retrieval is a standard capture the flag mode. All the modes are designed well and there is enough variety to keep multiplayer fresh no matter what mode the player chooses.

There are two factions within the game. The first is Blacklight, a U.S. special forces group donning black armor with blue highlights. The other is The Order, a group of former U.S. special forces and local militia who wear orange and black armor. There are no real gameplay difference between factions, and players can change factions on a per match basis.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Blacklight: Tango Down is the player and weapon customization system. Players unlock new armor, weapons, colors, and weapon modifications by reaching the requisite player rank. There are a ton of weapon modifications to unlock for every weapon type. Said types include sub machine guns, light machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Each weapon can be fitted with custom barrels, sights, stocks, and ammunition clips that alter the weapons stats and player mobility. Players can also unlock weapon tags which are basically key chains that hangs off the side of each gun and also effect the weapon statistics.

The weapons work well but don’t feel as realistic as the ones you might find in Call of Duty. The variation in weapon scopes is very cool with some sporting futuristic holograms and useful dot sights. With so many options, players should be able to get exactly what they want out of each weapon type. My biggest complaint regarding the available weapons lies with the sniper rifle. The gun simply feels underpowered and has an extremely slow fire rate, generally requiring perfect precision to pull off a one-hit kill headshot. It seems as though others feel the same way as I haven’t run into many players that use the sniper rifle as their go to weapon.

Each player is equipped with a Hyper Reality Visor that displays the location of friends, enemies, and supply stations for a limited amount of time. While the visor is active, players are unable to fire their weapons, but the visor can be deactivated at any time. It’s a great tool to use after a spawn to determine where the action is happening, or if you need to find additional health or ammo. There are a few grenade types that include the standard digital (smoke) grenade, a proximity mine, or an EMP grenade that scrambles enemy HRVs.

In my time with the PlayStation 3 version of Blacklight: Tango Down, I experienced quite a few network and loading issues. Frequently when attempting to join a team deathmatch game, the game would freeze at the loading screen forcing a restart of the game and in some cases a restart of the entire PS3 system. Network lag was an issue in some games but non-existent in others, leading to an inconsistent play experience. The games are hosted by individual players and not dedicated servers, so occasionally the action will be interrupted by a host migration, but it’s better than a full on disconnect.

At it’s best, Blacklight: Tango Down holds it’s own against contenders like Killzone and Halo, with gameplay that feels like a good mix of the two. Players are given plenty of customization choices to match their play style, and each game mode is balanced well. For gamers who are strapped for cash but still want a fully featured multiplayer FPS, Blacklight: Tango Down is right up their alley.

Choosing Zooper Tango Stroller

Aside from clothes, strollers are one of the necessities mommies are considering to buy for their children. You can spend quality time outside with your child if you carry a stroller with you. This will be more convenient since you do not have to carry your child while carrying so much of your things at the same time. There are various strollers manufacturer that releases several designs of strollers for different uses and purposes. If you feel like going out with your kid in a sunny day, most strollers have sun canopies, you just simply need to choose what would be best for your need.

If you feel like going to the mall and carry a lighter stroller, you can go for umbrella stroller. However, this kind of stroller is one of the cheapest and it does not have so much quality features. It is only convenient to use for malls since it is light to carry. This kind of stroller is only recommended for young children or toddler and is not suitable for newly born. If you have twins, well, there is nothing to worry about since there are innovative designs that are specially made for dual use. The best stroller that you can search for is zooper tango stroller. This kind of stroller is two-seater. You do not have to carry two separate strollers for your kids since there is a two in one stroller that can accommodate seats for two. Same with other quality strollers, this also has padded seats and canopies but this is highly recommended if space is your main priority.

Before buying a stroller, it is relevant that you check on the reviews and specifications of the product. This can assure you that what you are planning to buy is really worth the price. Most parents set positive feedbacks on zooper tango double stroller reviews and they find this very convenient to use. The only downside of this stroller is its being bulky and heavier compared to other strollers. But to sum it all, most mommies still find this advantageous to use.

Finding Tango Shoes For Narrow Feet

Buying tango shoes for narrow feet is definitely more difficult than buying shoes for the average width foot. Your options are quite a bit limited but you are definitely not out of luck. You’ll have less shoes to choose from but the style and colors that are made in a narrow width are the classic styles that you will be able to match with any of your dance costumes.

Look for a pair of tango shoes with a suede or leather sole. Stay away from rubber soles at all costs. As you are dancing the tango you are going to be dancing backwards and sliding your shoes across the dance floor. You don’t want shoes with too much friction. A suede or leather sole will allow your feet to easily slide across the floor without getting stuck to the floor and causing knee injury.

Another feature of a good tango shoe for narrow feet is a properly sized as well as shaped heel. A woman’s heel should be about an inch and a half high. As heels get taller there is a strong correlation to ankle injuries. Tall heels make it very easy for you to roll an ankle over, stopping you from dancing the tango for a week or more.

Getting the right sole and the proper height heel are the two most important things you can do as a tango dancer with narrow feet. Minimize your risk of injury by following these two key pieces of advice. Your feet will thank you for it.

Filling the Void – Tango Lesson at La Viruta in Buenos Aires

Tango at La Viruta Buenos Aires from Jet Set Life on Vimeo. Filling the void (when work is removed) brings us to some interesting places around the world. The most recent of which is taking a Tango lesson at La Viruta Armenian Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. The idea for this came straight from the Oracle himself-Tim Ferriss. If you prefer watching video over reading text, then watch the video above and for a good laugh go to minute X and watch Kim’s head tilting to show me where to move next. It’s hysterical. I don’t expect Dancing with The Stars to be calling anytime soon. I’m getting ahead of myself here.

In reading Tim’s fantastic book the Four Hour Work Week he talks about becoming a champion Tango dancer (on a mini-retirement to Buenos Aires) and how he trained at a Milonga called La Viruta. What’s a Milonga you ask? I asked the same question. By definition a Milonga is-a term for a place where Tango is danced. I thought, well, O.K. that seems clear enough.

Kim and I sat down at the beginning of the year and created our 2008 dreamline. In the ‘do’ category we decided to list ‘take a tango lesson at La Viruta Armenian Cultural Center in Buenos Aires’. We really had no idea what to expect and wanted to be surprised.

So, here’s how it goes down. The Milonga itself doesn’t really get started until around midnight. If you want to take a lesson you get there at around 11 p.m. You purchase a ticket at the door for a beginner, intermediate or an advanced class. Have a drink at the bar and wait for them to call your class. Oh yeah, it’s all in Spanish. I mean entirely. Not a word of English to be heard anywhere.

Our group (maybe about 20 people) was called to the dance floor and our lesson began. We had two instructors, a male (I think it was Lorenzo Llamas) and a female (I’m pretty certain she was Penelope Cruz- and BTW very pregnant). Our instructors give us very detailed and very fast instructions in perfect Argentine Spanish. Of which I understood – Zippo. The good news is that they demonstrate a set of Tango steps for us to mimic. The bad news is I couldn’t mimic squat.

After an hour of a hysterically funny and embarrassing Tango lesson it was time for the Milonga to begin. Imagine people ranging from 20 to 90 years old showing up at around midnight and dancing Tango until the sun rises the next morning. It’s really quite an experience. Everyone Tangos in a counter clockwise direction in amazingly beautiful synchronicity.

It got me thinking about life. It cost us five bucks to get in and 2 cocktails at the bar. That’s it. I say, don’t wait until retirement to experience all there is in the world. Use a mini-retirement to sample your deferred life plan NOW! It’s worth it. I promise.

Why Does It Take Two to Tango? A Book Review Tango Instructural Dance Book

Do you ever remember your folks or grandparents telling you; “it takes two to tango,” meaning that there must be more to the story and more fault of the circumstance to spread around. Often, it was a notification that they were not buying the total story and that the blame ought to be spread around a little bit more. Well, the other day, I got thrown out of McDonalds; why you ask?

Well for food-fighting, but I swear that the guy threw nothing back at me, indeed, the manager did not buy it, and threw us both out. Boy was that guy mad at me, I started and he never threw anything back at me, but the manager throws us both out and said; “It takes two to tango!”

Indeed, it usually takes two to tango, but in reality it was not a food-fight anyway, as the gentleman was simply reading his newspaper and never responded. Now that is a funny true story, but have you ever wondered why it takes two to tango? Let me recommend a book that is quite good and will completely clear this up for you:

“Gotta Tango” by Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart – 2004

This is a really cool book which will teach you dance the Tango in true Argentina style and it comes with a music DVD with music to assist you in feeling the moment. The book is full of subtle tricks to create passion, emotion, and sexy alluring moves. You will be blown away as to just how good you can get using this book. Are you looking for pure romance and learning expert style in the Tango? Look no further, this is it.

Debunking Common Myths About Tango Dance Lessons

Maybe you want to learn how to dance. Maybe it’s something that will bring you and your partner closer together. It’s no surprise people are attracted to tango, given its reputation as a cultured-yet-exciting dance. However, tango dance lessons are not simple, and you will need to be discerning when picking the right instructor. Keep an eye out for the following myths:

“Any Dancer Can Teach”

Probably the most common myth is that anyone can teach you how to do the tango. While it is possible for anyone to learn the moves, not everyone can teach. You have to understand how to move and how to communicate specific physical actions to novices in order to effectively teach others how to perform the movements. Not everyone has that talent.

A good teacher starts as an exceptional dancer. If you do not respect that person on the floor, then you do not want to enlist that person as an instructor. At best, you risk wasting your time or, at worst, you risk learning incorrect steps.

Watch potential teachers perform the movements. Women should look elegant and graceful. You want to take tango dance lessons from these women. Men who have a soft yet firm embrace, guiding their partner through the next step are also candidates to study under. You want to avoid women with clunky moves or men who jerk you around from step to step.

“You Can Take Tango Dance Lessons from Online Sources”

Another commonly debunked myth is learning online with no real instructor. Yes, if you have taken instruction in the past, these sources can be a great way to remember what you had learned. Sadly, they do not give you feedback during your instruction, which is a crucial component of learning a physical activity.

Other details get left out of online videos. Things like weight changes and feet and torso changes are commonly omitted. These lessons only teach you how to do the steps, but cannot convey how to properly execute them with elegance and control. Even if you practice the movements you learned in the video, you will still retain many inconsistencies that could be hard to unlearn later.

“You Can Learn by Being Led”

With some dances, you can simply follow your instructor’s movements to learn the proper steps. With the tango, however, you have to communicate with your partner. It is not just about leading and following. It is about elegance and freedom.

Your instructor will tell you how to embrace your partner and how to move with them. They will take the time and effort to explain how to walk elegantly while allowing your legs the freedom they need to respond in kind. Learning goes beyond just following the leader.

“If You’ve Taken Months of Classes You Don’t Need to Take More”

How to Remove Tango Toolbar – Removal Guide

Toolbar is designed to bring more convenience to computer users, but Tango Toolbar, not like what is called, is a malicious program. It can not provide any practical and real functions to computer users. Once you install Tango Toolbar on your computer, all your internet activities are monitored, so that your personal account information may be stolen by malicious programs, lots of pop-up windows, like commercial advertisement and rogue website, will keep annoying you when you browse a website and you will be redirected and virus will gain access into your computer.

If you have download Tango Toolbar on your computer by accident or without knowing the above information, you should realize that your computer is at a high risk now.

A basic way to remove this Toolbar is go to the control panel and head over to the add/remove programs. Try to remove this rogue program as a normal program. But it usually doesn’t work. You may be eager to get an effective way to remove this rogue program from your computer, learn the simple ways now.

1. You should download a professional security program first. Please notice that there are many antivirus programs on the market that, in fact, are unable to delete Tango Toolbar. A smart tip to test whether a security program is able to remove any threat is to run an online scan first and see whether the threat is detect.
2. You should make sure that your security software is up to date before you begin a full scan. In daily use, you should set your security program as automatically updating and startup.
3. Disconnect your computer with the internet. By this way, you can stop any new virus from entering your computer, as Tango Toolbar is designed to bring as many as virus into your computer.
4. Run your security program to check every file on your computer instead scanning Tango Toolbar only. Remove all the threats that detected by the antivirus software.
5. The last step is to restart your computer immediately.
6. Run your security program or other system repair program to repair all the computer errors. Usually some infected system files may be removed with the Tango Toolbar, which cause various computer errors, so you have to repair the error after remove the threats.

The key point in the above steps is that you should have the right security program to complete this task. Are you finding such an excellent program? Run a free online scan first. Or you can click here to learn more about how to delete Tango Toolbar.