Buenos Aires – A Bargain Hunters Dream!

Not very long ago the currency of Buenos Aires was tied to the US dollar. While this fabulous city offered great panache and European flair, it had spiraling inflation and was as pricey to visit as any other major metropolis. That all changed in 2002 when the Argentine Peso was liberated to float on its own and experienced a significant devaluation. In the five years since, while the Peso has slowly gained in value, Argentina has become the darling of jet set travelers flocking to bargain shop in trendy boutiques filled with European designer goods, dine in world class restaurants and learn to Tango.

So what makes this city such a magnet for those in the know? Quite simply, the city sizzles! Often called the Paris of South America, the streets hum with the exuberance of a culture that has embraced its uniqueness and has rediscovered its youthful vitality. Buenos Aires enjoys a vibrant cafe society where
artisans mold works of vibrant color, musicians old and young revel in the music of the street, and nothing seems more important than gathering with friends to discuss the news of the day.

Fashioned by immigrants from Europe, the architecture of Buenos Aires evokes feelings of Rome, Paris and Barcelona. The city is home to numerous landscaped parks, a world famous opera house, well respected museums, magnificent churches and broad avenues filled with trendy shops selling designer goods at a fraction of their Euro prices. Tango bars and techno clubs abound to make Buenos Aires one of the great nightlife cities of the world. And do not leave without purchasing some of their world famous custom crafted leather goods.

So let’s review 7 reasons why you should hop on a plane to Buenos Aires as soon as you can:

1)It is a fun, sophisticated city with museums galore, cafes for dining, boutiques for shopping, on streets that could have been lifted straight from France or Spain.

2) The tremendously good rate of exchange means all your activities and purchases will be a terrific value.

3) Because Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, they have summer when we are having winter. January, February and March see temperatures averaging 80 degrees. Likewise, when we’re hot and steamy in summer, they are having temps in the 60’s.

4) Shopping is divine, with supple leathers and designer clothes being the best bargain.

5) Dining is world class. Try their famous Argentinean Beef at incredible prices.

6) The nightlife positively sizzles to a Tango beat.

7) For all you sports fans, no one loves their football (soccer) more than Argentines! Soccer, polo and horse racing are much loved as well and draw huge crowds. You may want to bring along your golf clubs, as BA is home to several exquisite golf courses.

All this and great prices too – incredible! Where else can you find five star hotels for only $200 a night; or gourmet dinners at upscale restaurants for only $25 per person? It’s time to move Buenos Aires to the top of your MUST SEE list!