Fabian Salas, Researcher and Teacher of Tango Nuevo

Sometimes when you speak about one of the great masters of Argentine Tango, you take it for granted, that everybody already knows everything about them.

Maybe though it does make sense to tell a little about Fabian Salas.

During its “Golden Age”, Tango had been danced everywhere in Buenos Aires and you learned to dance Tango watching your parents or other dancers from your town quarter.

This happened completely naturally. Everybody watched and imitated the good dancers…and practiced. Opportunities to do so you found everywhere. Nobody had to think about teaching methods or didactics.

Fast forward to the eighties. After the end of military dictatorship in Argentina the Tango scene has changed completely. Only a few dancers remain who have lived in the Golden Age and can pass on their knowledge. Most of them are excellent dancers, but have never wasted a thought on how to teach Tango efficiently.

A group of young dancers around Fabian Salas and Gustavo Naveira now tries to figure out, how the old milongueros danced. They try to get a profound understanding how the movements and dynamics of the dance work and develop for the first time a didactically based teaching method. This method until today has a big impact on all Tango dancers, no matter whether they dance traditional Tango or Tango Nuevo.

But they do not stop at that point. With their profound knowledge of the dynamics of Tango they break with old, sometimes rigid conventions and develop a new way of dancing Tango, more open, more fluent. And they start to dance to music, which hasn´t been considered danceable until then, for example the music of Astor Piazzola.

Fabián Salas becomes world famous as one of the main characters of Sally Potter´s world famous Tango movie “The Tango Lesson”, together with Gustavo Naveira and Pablo Veron. All three of them are beyond any doubt fantastic dancers. Yet there are different aspects contributed to them.

While Gustavo Naveira is said to be the main choreographer and inventor of those three, and Pablo Veron is considered the technically best dancer, Fabián Salas is without doubt the best teacher of the trio. He developed a unique style of teaching and is considered one of the best tango teachers worldwide. Whoever gets the chance to learn from him, specially in a small, intimate group gets more than simply “Tango lessons. It is a unique experience which catapults Fabiáns students dancing abilities to a higher level.

Yet Fabián Salas is not only a teacher but also the founder and main organizer of the CITA, the world´s most renowned Argentine Tango festival. Here he brings together tango dancers from all the different styles of Tango, from Tango Nuevo to more traditional.

Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt Sculptor, stone mason, painter and tango teacher Via Campagna 17 Castel Rigone 06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG) Tel/Fax 075 845457 Cell 349 0764 009
Wolfgang lives and works as free artist near Munich, Germany, and Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy. Apart of being a sculptor He is as well tango dancer and teacher. He has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1994 learning from the worlds best tango dancers and teachers. He gives Argentine Tango lessons at Villa La Rogaia in Umbria, Italy focussing on the understanding of the music, on the harmony with the partner and the other couples on the dance floor and the joy of dancing rather than memorizing steps.