Football Legend in Trouble Just Before Euro 2012

Just before Euro 2012 the European football Championships Liverpool FC got into the trouble. Even big, rich and famous football clubs with its fantastic atmosphere and brilliant training staff sometimes get troubles. Stock markets are much more important than sport spirit nowadays. Football clubs like Barcelona, Juventus and Chelsea are significant examples. Recently, another legendary English football club has unlucky joined this group. It’s Liverpool FC. Moreover, they were dethroned by Manchester City from English gold 4. Last season, former member of greatest English football clubs couldn’t even find place in Premier League’s top 4. Today Manchester City and Tottenham Hot Spurs are even better than Liverpool. Many football fans have doubts about selling club to the new owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet from United States few years ago. And unfortunately, they were right. Today, it is clear that the club falls into the crisis. In this football season 2011 / 2012 everybody was aware that the Reds will have a lot of determination to secure a place in the European Cup known as Champions League. To achieve this goal Liverpool have to find at least in the top 4 in English Football Premier League. In the previous season Liverpool was 5th and it was very lucky. They’ve qualified to Europa League second after Champions League European football competition. Two season ago, it seemed that Liverpool FC will fight only for major trophies, because they made the most expensive transfers in their football club history. They’ve hired Rafael Benitez as a coach and bought Fernando Torres and Ryan Babel. Even with them Liverpool still have problems. The Spanish coach couldn’t help team. After they prestigious winning against AC Milan in Uefa Cup few years ago they have nothing achieved. Moreover there were speculations that they win that final with a little of help and mafia was involved in this game. You probably remember this football match. Liverpool was loosing 1:4 up to the first half. After the break the situation suddenly changed and there were 4:4 at the final wistle. At the end they have won in the penalties due to brilliant defends of Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek and his “Dudek dance”. But as I write earlier. It was the end of trophies. After two years Liverpool fans and supporters demanded Spanish coach resignation. And perhaps there would be nothing extraordinary in this, because always in moments of crisis responsibility falls on the coach but Benitez have great trust of the American club owners who extended the contract for a further two years. In the official statement there were written : “Rafa is under contract for a further two years, we support him and we have full confidence in the team under his leadership.” However it was happened after a fruitful season, capped by promotion of the club to Champions League. But after failure in the Premier League relations between the coach and American owners of the club radically changed. Buying of expensive players haven’t brought any results. Atmosphere between football fans, coach and owners were awful. Fans started to boycott games at Anfield Road. There were many critical voices about American businessmen. Finally club hired new manager Kenny Daglish former Liverpool football legend. In this season 2011 / 2012 Liverpool play the same. Looking at the Premier League table changes didn’t brought anything. But wait a minute. There is light in the tunnel. Liverpool advance to the final of English Carling League Cup.