Football Shirts Designs For 2012 – the Year of Euro Cup

Nowadays Football shirts are very synonymous with the sport and are worn by fans all over the world when their team plays. They give fans a sense of attachment to their favorite club or national teams and gives them pride and honor to wear especially if theirs is a top ranked team. With football being the most popular sport on the planet, there are a lot of retail sales of football shirts yearly. This is made even greater if there is a big football event happening that year like the world cup. In 2012, there will be the Euro cup hosted by Poland and Ukraine and football shirts designs for 2012 will be centered on this major competition that takes place every four years in between word cups. It pits Europe’s best teams amongst each other and the competition is widely followed. The football shirt designs for 2012 will basically be centered on this event especially for the participating national teams whose fans will be dressing up in their team’s kit jerseys. For other countries whose teams will not be participating, their spectators will be in custom made football shirt designs for 2012 with the Euro 2012 logo or mascot on them. The Euro 2012 business will provide big business for football shirt manufacturers and retailers and stores in the host countries will have booming business selling football shirts designs for 2012. The participating national teams are already known and their jerseys are in mass production as the preparations for the competition get underway. The competitions for the best football shirt by manufactures will be intense as huge sales are expected for the new football jerseys. Some of the top brands that will be in the race to clinch the best football shirts designs for 2012 are the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma and Umbro. Each company has its fair share of national teams to design shirts for and it will be stiff competition for them to come up with a design that will upstage the other competitors in the football shirt market. Since the teams in the Euro cup are fewer than the world cup, sales will not hit similar volumes but are expected to be quite high. There are also many teams which are expected to dominate shirt sales due to their popularity and ranking in the competition. These are like 2008 champions Spain, France, Italy, Holland, England and Germany. The team that unexpectedly performs well in the competition will also see an increase in the sale of its jersey as it wins over more fans. Apart from designs of football shirts for the Euro 2012 competition, there will also be designs of the training kit accessories that have gained popularity over the years. The football shirts designs for 2012 however remain the main source of revenue with fans itching to buy the home and away jerseys for their favorite team. It will be a great competition full of colorful and lively fans adorning their national team’s shirts.