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Forex Trader PRO Project Tango took 9 years to complete. So what is this Project Tango? This is the life’s work of a forex visionary who calls himself Forex Joe. His real name is Joe Atkins and he comes from Texas. He was a professional sports bettor for almost over 2 decades before he discovered the exciting world of forex trading.

Over the years, he had developed certain proprietary mathematical formulas that he had used to make a fortune in the volatile and unpredictable world of sports betting. When he discovered the world of FX, he was amazed to find striking similarities between sports betting and forex trading. So, he decided to apply those sports betting formulas to the world of currency trading.

Viola, these mathematical formulas worked as magic in the currency market too and made him a fortune. He developed his Forex Mastery 2.0 System and helped thousands of traders all over the world make a killing trading forex from the comfort of their home.

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2011 is being predicted as the most volatile year in the currency market. Just take a look at the US Dollar, Euro and the British Pound, how much volatile they have been in the last few days. Many traders are going to make a fortune from this volatility in the market. You too can join them.

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