Tango in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has made a name for itself as one of the most exciting cities in the World. It is not difficult to see why. With its charming architecture and rich history, it is an absolute must see for any intrepid traveller.

Buenos Aires is also the home of The Tango, and Tango dancers can be found throughout the city, even using street corners and pavements as their stage. Every form of the remarkable dance and activity related to it can be found in Buenos Aires. Tango is so interwoven into the fabric of the city that you find it everywhere. Television, movies, magazines, the Tango culture is prevalent everywhere. If it is the history of the passionate dance you would like to learn or indeed the moves themselves, it is certainly possible in Buenos Aires.

Tango Clubs are popular and are located everywhere. It is not hard to find a Tango club if you fancy trying out a few steps and watching as the pros take to the floor. You will be sure to pick up some great tips and steps to help you master the art of Tango dancing.

If it is more of a spectator role you wish to take, then how about catching a show whilst visiting the city. There are Theatres such as the Recoleta Cultural Center which holds Tango shows and performances every week. Built in 1732, it was originally a convent connected to the Basílica del Pilar and couldn’t make for a nicer setting to watch some Tango carried out by the professionals. Even restaurants often entertain their customers with Tango performances, so you can combine the delights of a nice meal and a drink with a show.

Informal Tango group classes are offered throughout the city which do not involve scheduling or regular commitment. These are a fantastic way for the traveller to learn a few steps on an informal basis whilst meeting other would-be dancers in this remarkable city.