Tango Your Way to Good Health

Everyone knows that ballroom dancing is a fun form of exercise, and that dancing the Tango is particularly fun. Did you know that not only is dancing the Tango a great way to lose weight and look good, it has numerous other health benefits as well?

The Tango, which originated in Argentina, is a sultry and sexy partner dance, one that was originally danced in Argentina’s brothels. It moved into mainstream popularity, and has become a sensation. There are two main styles of competitive Tango dancing: American Tango and International Tango.

Dancing the Tango can do many things to improve your overall health. For one thing, dancing the Tango, or any style of dance for that matter, helps improve your respiratory functions.

If you are looking for a way to improve your posture, look no further than dancing the Tango. When you take Tango lessons, your instructor will drill good posture into you, until it becomes second nature. If you want to learn how to practice perfect posture before you begin your Tango lessons, here is a great method: stand or sit up straight; shrug your shoulders up towards your ears; bring your shoulders back; relax your shoulders. You should now be in perfect posture.

In addition to creating better posture, dancing the Tango can also help to improve your balance. When learning the Tango, students are learning intricate footwork, which requires balance, so, even if you don’t realize it, your balance will improve with each lesson. Many people say that after only a few weeks of lessons, they have noticed a marked improvement in their balance, and are more confident of their footing when they are out in public.

Dancing the Tango has even been known to help Parkinson’s patients. This condition often causes patients to have difficulties with balance and walking. In some studies, Parkinson’s patients have been divided into two groups, with one group doing regular exercise for a specified period of time, and the other dancing the Tango. These studies have shown that the group that Tango’d found more improvement than those who did the regular exercises.

Don’t forget your sexual health! Not necessarily physical, but the emotional side. Dancing the Tango is incredibly sensual, and if you and your partner (your significant other, or maybe the partner you met at your dance class…wink, wink) want to try something new to spice things up, there’s nothing much spicier than the Tango to get you in the mood!

So, as you can see, dancing the Tango is not only a fun and sensual way to exercise, it is a really awesome way to improve your health, and it doesn’t even seem like work! You will lose weight, gain muscle tone, breathe better, walk taller, and you balance will improve. What more can you ask for, just from one little style of dance?